Garment Worker Protection Act (SB62)



The Garment Worker Protection Act (SB62) is a landmark California law that eliminates the piece rate system of pay, under which factories paid workers pennies per piece instead of a minimum wage, and holds brands jointly responsible for legal and fair pay in their garment factories. The law was developed by Los Angeles garment workers and members of the GarmentWorker Center after suffering from wage theft and working in sweatshop conditions for decades. Despite heavy lobbying from big business, including lobbying groups headed by Disney, Target, Gap Inc. and Walmart, SB62 built a coalition of labor allies, small ethical brands, manufacturers educators, and garment workers and won the support of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Victory! California Governor Gavin Newsom passed the bill on September 27, 2022.

Remake worked closely through 2021 with SB62 co-authors the Garment Worker Center in organizing strategy and communications to pass the bill.

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